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Property Information Databank

LIPAZ is also involved in the collection of property information data which could be used by any stakeholder in the manner best suited to their needs. Over the years, LIPAZ has developed and enormous database that is regularly updated which finds uses in many areas.Capitalization rate,Cost of Construction,Price of Land,Rent,Service charge expenses,Power Tariffs and power regularity,Water Tariffs,Taxes and levies,Land Rent,Property Tax,City Service levy,VAT,Income Tax/Corporate Tax,Vacancy/occupancy levels in commercial buildings,Parking expenses,Planning conditions,Real Estate Investment Incentives,Major government policies or legislations affecting real estate investments,Major economic developments affecting property investments,Interest rates,Exchange rates,GDP growth (local GDP), specific areas of growth or,Environmental Requirements,Building Safety requirements,Occupational Safety and Health Authority,Building Materials Standards,Title Assurance